Studies in Philosophy at the HHU

HHU offers both a Bachelor and Master program in philosophy. The bachelor’s degree program with a major in philosophy is complemented with a minor, the master’s degree program allows for concentrations in theoretical and practical philosophy. At HHU, philosophy can be studied as a major or as a minor subject. In both cases, students may enrol for a master’s degree course after successful graduation.

Goals and Focus Areas of the Philosophy Programs

Our philosophy programs aim at acquainting students with historical and systematic knowledge about essential philosophical problems, methods, controversies and positions. Moreover, studies in philosophy foster argumentative competence, critical thinking and the ability to apply analytic reasoning to concrete problems. The skills and training acquired in our philosophy programs offer a large variety of professional choices and are valuable in many careers.
Both in theoretical and in practical philosophy various focus areas are offered, providing the opportunity of a comprehensive course of studies at Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf. The main emphases of the chair of theoretical philosophy (Gerhard Schurz) are on the philosophy of science, logic and epistemology. Further professorships in theoretical philosophy cover philosophy of language and the metaphysics of science (Markus Schrenk), philosophy of mind and cognition (Gottfried Vosgerau) as well as ontology/metaphysics and the history of philosophy (Christoph Kann). The chair of practical philosophy (Frank Dietrich) concentrates on political philosophy, moral philosophy, medical ethics and legal philosophy. Another professorship in practical philosophy (Simone Dietz) has a focus on philosophy of culture and social philosophy. It also serves as an interface between philosophy on the one hand and media and culture studies on the other hand. In addition to these six permanent professorships there is a temporary position in theoretical philosophy with an emphasis on the concepts of normativity, theories of rationality and business ethics (Susanne Hahn).

The department of philosophy maintains close ties with other subjects and closely cooperates with departments inside and outside the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in both research and teaching. It is involved in the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center 991 The Structure of Representations in Language, Cognition, and Science, together with the department of linguistics and the individual philologies. With regard to teaching, philosophy contributes to several integrated courses of study, as for example the BA Linguistics, the BA minor Ancient Culture as well as to the media and culture studies and the social sciences. There are joint activities with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science in the field of evolutionary and cognitive science; with the Medical Faculty collaboration is fostered in the field of biomedical ethics. The interdisciplinary orientation of the department of philosophy at Heinrich-Heine-University opens up new horizons for students and invites them to become acquainted with philosophy as fundamental science and in a wide range of applications.

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