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Simone Dietz

Work areas

  • Social Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Culture Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Right
  • Philosophical Anthropology

Exploratory focus

  • Ethical implication of social relations
  • The public as a place and character of modern societies
  • Ethics of the media and internet
  • Lying in regard to linguistical and ethical aspects
  • Critical theory of the society

Curriculum Vitae

Magister degree in Philosophy, political science, German language and literature studies and computer science at the University of Hamburg as well as an academic assistant of Prof. Dr. Herbert Schnädelbach in 1990. Conferral of a doctorate about “Living environment and system as a place and perspective“, until 1992 academic collaboration in the DFG-main focus „Theory of political institutions“ and member of the Hamburg Parliament. 1992-2000 academic assistant at the ethics department of the University of Rostock, 2001 state doctorate about „The value of the lie“. Since 2003 Professor of practical philosophy at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

Liaison lecturer of the student union of the Heinrich Böll foundation.
member and adviser of the Green academy of the Heinricht Böll foundation.

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