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Prospective Students


Are you thinking about studying with us? How nice! We would be very happy to win you over to our institute!

At our institute, you can choose from various Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes with different amounts of philosophy. Feel free to take a look at our degree programmes!

We also have a special eye for your career prospects after graduation. Our overview page on this topic brings together a wide range of offers and helpful information. Feel free to take a look!

Our institute includes many lecturers and researchers who do philosophy systematically and historically, as well as in breadth and depth. Our teaching offers are in many cases closely linked to current research activities. Feel free to take a closer look at who works with us - and for what!

Part of our specialised, philosophical offers in our degree programmes are also opportunities to participate in the diverse initiatives, to pursue philosophy in and with the public. You can also get an idea of this in advance on the linked overview page!

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