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Study Philosophy at HHU

The Philosophy Program at HHU is offered with the degrees Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. While in the Bachelor Study Program a major subject is combined with a minor subject, the Master Study Program is a single-subject Program, in which a specialization in either Theoretical or Practical Philosophy is possible. Philosophy can be studied with the Bachelor degree as a major or a minor subject. In both cases, students may enroll for a Master Study Program after successful graduation.

The Bachelor study programme in Philosophy is offered as a two-subject program. The main subject has to be combined with a freely selectable minor subject to allow for an individual focus. In addition, there is an obligatory Interdisciplinary Elective. The standard period of study is 3 academic years (6 semesters). Philosophy can be studied as a major subject or as a minor subject. Both options qualify for the Master Study Program. Please note that most philosophy classes are taught in German, so good German language skills are required.


The masterprogram philosophy offers the option, to further deepen the competences gathered. At our institute with an internationally focused enviroment, you can work on your own interests on the level of the current the state of the art.

The Faculty of Philosophy awards the academic degree Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.). In addition to individually supervised doctoral projects, there is the possibility to benefit from a diverse range of workshops and advisory services within the framework of the Graduate Academy philGrad.

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