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III - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language

The professorship of Markus Schrenk will be represented by Dr. Romy Jaster in the summer semester 2022. Professor Schrenk is guest fellow of the  Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Human Abilities during this time. For teaching and department matters, please contact Dr. Jaster or Dr. Kellner.

Metaphysics, especially metaphysics of science — natural laws, dispositions, causality, modality — is the research focus of Philosophy III. The team around Professor Markus Schrenk has yet wider research and teaching interests: We also focus on epistemology (especially modal theories of knowledge), thought experiments, the philosophy of art, and philosophy of mathematics.

The research projects "Modelling, Error-Robustness and Grounding Explanations" of the DFG research group "Inductive Metaphysics" and "What is proprioceptive Art?" are located here. We also organise denXte, Heinrich Heine University’s interactive philosophical event series.


Photo of Markus Schrenk© Florian Kaiser-Winter

Prof. Dr. Markus Schrenk
Professor +49 211 81-12920

Building: 23.32
Floor/Room: U1.69
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by appointment via email, in person or by zoom

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Dr. Eva Kellner
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