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Induktionsproblem und Metainduktion / Problem of induction and meta-induction

Numbers refer to complete list of papers in ascending date (below)

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6.          "Goodman-Paradoxie, Physikalische Symmetrieprinzipien und Lin­guistische Trans­forma­tionen", in: Weingartner, P./Czermak, H. (Hg.), Erkenntnis- und Wis­sen­schafts­theorie. Akten des 7. Inter­nationalen Wittgenstein-Sym­po­siums, Hölder-Pichler-Temps­ky, 1983, 875-888. Download

31.        "Das Vindizierungsargument funktioniert doch! Eine Erwiderung auf Chri­stian Piller (GPS 29)", Grazer Philosophische Studien 32, 1988, 187-195. Online Download

76.        "Die Goodman-Paradoxie: Ein Invarianz- und Relevanzproblem", in: W. Len­zen (Hg.), Das weite Spektrum der analytischen Philosophie, de Gruy­ter, Berlin 1997, S. 290 - 306. Online Download

83.        "Das Problem der Induktion", in: H. Keuth (Hg.), Karl Popper. Logik der For­schung, Aka­demie-Verlag, Berlin 1998, S. 25-40. Download

107.       "Karl Popper, Deduktion, Induktion, und Abduktion", in: J. M. Böhm, H. Holweg und C. Hook (Hrsg.), Karl Poppers Kritischer Rationalismus Heute, Mohr-Siebeck, Tübingen 2002, S. 126-143. Download

143.       "The Meta-Inductivist's Winning Strategy in the Prediction Game: A New Approach to Hume's Problem", Philosophy of Science 75, 2008, 278-305. Online Download

150.       "Meta-Induction and Social Epistemology: Computer Simulations of Prediction Games", Episteme 6 (No. 2), 2009, 200-220. Online Download

175.       "Meta-Induction in Epistemic Networks and Social Spread of Know­ledge", Episteme 9(2), 2012, 151-170. Online Download

177.       "Meta-Induction and the Problem of Fundamental Disagreement", in C. Jäger and W. Löffler (eds.), Epistemology: Contexts, Values, Disagreement. Proceedings of the 34th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt/M., 2012, 343-354. Download

206.       [G. Schurz, P. Thorn:] " The Revenge of Ecological Rationality: Strategy-Selection by Meta-Induction Within Changing Environments", Minds and Machines 26(1), 2016, 31-59. Online Download

220.       "No Free Lunch Theorem, Inductive Skepticism, and the Optimality of  Meta-Induction", Philosophy of Science84, 2017, 825-839. Online Download

227.       "Induktiver Skeptizismus", in: Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie, hg. von M. Grajner und G. Melchior, J.B. Metzler Verlag, Stuttgart 2019, 328-337. Online Download

239.       "The No Free Lunch Theorem: Bad News for (White's Account of) the Problem of Induction", Episteme 18(1), 2021, 31–45. Online Download

245.       "Meta-Induction Over Unboundedly Many Prediction Methods: A Reply to Arnold and Sterkenburg", Philosophy of Science 88, 2021, 320–340. Online Download

253.       "Reichenbach's Best Alternative Account to the Problem of Induction",  Synthese 199, 2021, 10827-10838. Online

257.     "The Impact of Meta-induction: From Skepticism to Optimality", Philosophies 2021, 6(4), no. 95. Online

258.   [Gerhard Schurz, Paul Thorn:] "Escaping the No Free Lunch Theorem: A Priori Advantages of Regret-Based Meta-Induction",  Journal for Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 2022.  Online

264.       "In Search for Optimal Epistemic Methods: New Insights About Meta-induction", Journal for General Philosophy of Science 2023. [Contains replies to papers on my approach.]  Online

264a.     "Meta-induction as a solution to the no free lunch theorem: reply to Wolpert".  Download

264b.     "Induction and direct inference: reply to Williamson". Download

264c.     "The meta-inductive justification of object-induction: reply to Shogenji". Download

264d.     "Meta-induction and religious world-views: reply to Pitts". Download   

266.       "Enhancement of Voters' Competence Based on Meta-Inductive Learning. A Reply to Petr Spelda, Vit Stritecky, and John Symons", Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 12(12), 2023, 25–30.  Online   

267.       [C. Feldbacher-Escamilla, G. Schurz.] "Meta-Inductive Probability Aggregation", Theory and Decision  95, 2023, 663–689. Online


270.       "Discussion Note: Henderson on Meta-Induction and the Problem of Induction", Philosophy of Science.  Online   Download

To appear:

274.       "Meta-inductive Justification of Inductive Generalizations", Erkenntnis 2024.   Download

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