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Markus Schrenk

Welcome to Markus Schrenk’s website.

In my research and teaching I focus on metaphysics, especially metaphysics of science (laws, dispositions, causation, modality), epistemology, philosophy of language and science. I am interested in Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, logical empiricism, and philosophy of art.

Together with Elke Brendel, I serve as president of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (Gesellschaft für analytische Philosophie) since 2023. I direct the interactive philosophical event series denXte, which was awarded the Communicator Science Prize of the Stifterverband. I am Principal Investigator in the DFG research group Inductive Metaphysics and lead the research project What is Proprioceptive Art?

I give lectures and seminars within the above mentioned fields, and especially the recurring beginners lectures Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, and Logic.

Areas of specialization

  • Metaphysics    
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Art

Areas of competence

  • Logic
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Logical Empiricism
  • Wittgenstein
  • Schopenhauer


Since 2023 President of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (Gesellschaft für analytische Philosophie) (with Elke Brendel)
Since 2014 Professor, Düsseldorf University
2010 – 14 Postdoc, DFG Project Causation and Explanation (FOR1063)
WS 12/13 Covering for the vacant Professorship of Theoretical Philosophy, Düsseldorf
WS 11/12 Covering for Professor Gerhard Schurz, Düsseldorf
2011 Assitant Professeur Associé, University of Luxembourg
2006 – 09 Postdoc, Metaphysics of Science Project, Nottingham University
2004 – 07 Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) & Lectureship in Philosophy, Worcester College, Oxford University


2000 – 05 Doctorate in Philosophy (DPhil), University of Oxford
1994 – 00 Magister Artium (Philosophy, Logic & Physics), Bonn University


2022 Communicator Award - Science Prize of the Stifterverband and DFG (German Research Foundation); together with the entire team of denXte, the interactive philosophical event series of the HHU
2006 German Society for Analytic Philosophy & Ontos Publisher: GAP-ontos-award
2003 – 04 Corpus Christi College, Oxford University: Senior Scholarship
2001 – 04 Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC): Doctoral Scholarship
1994 – 04 German National Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung)
1997 – 98 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Visiting Student Scholarship
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