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Julia Zakkou

My main research interests are in philosophy of language, in particular, implicatures and presuppositions, the debate on relativism and contextualism, indexicality and context sensitivity, and the semantic-pragmatic divide in general. I also have research interests in epistemology, especially knowledge and belief ascriptions and introspection principles.

I took up my position in Düsseldorf in October 2023. Before that, I was Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessorin) at Bielefeld University, substitute professor (Vertretungsprofessorin) at University of Cologne, lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin, postdoctoral researcher at Universität Hamburg and doctoral researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin. I've also spent some time at various other universities around Europe, including LOGOS in Barcelona, Arché in St Andrews, NIP in Aberdeen, the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris, and Universität Wien.

I am a Fellow of the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Human Abilities and a member of the InFraMinds Project on the Insincerity for Fragmented Minds. I am also a coordinator of the DFG research netork The Semantics and Metasemantics of Context-Sensitive Language.

More about me can be found on my homepage here.

Research Projects

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