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Research Projects


Here, you find an overview of all research projects run by Prof. Dietz and her team or projects where they participate as members.

Exploratory focus

  • Ethical implication of social relations
  • The public as a place and character of modern societies
  • Ethics of the media and internet
  • Lying in regard to linguistical and ethical aspects
  • Critical theory of the society

Current research projects

  • The structural change of public at the age of its electronically reproducibility
    Book project Simone Dietz
  • Truth, mass media und institutions of self-control

    Project of a discussion meeting and publication
  • The freedom to move
    Project of a conference and publication about exit options in political, social and existential contexts; Hannes Foth and Svenja Wiertz in collaboration with Simone Dietz
  • Prosocial lies and collective self-delusion
    Several publications of Simone Dietz

Current graduation projects

Hannes Foth: Responsibility and friendship in parent-children relationships in adulthood

Thilo Herzog: Emotional feelings in Kant.

Josephine Ihde: Appearance and fixation of moral values using the example of the inclusion of disabled people in the society.

Michel Scholtysik: Authenticity of the architecture.

Anne Weber: Pornography in the late modern age. Between desire and reality of an egalitarian society.

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