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Organisierte Konferenzen


  • 1. GWP-GAP Colloquium within the GAP9 conference, Osnabrück, September 2015

    (Main organisor together with Holger Lyre; Society for Philosophy of Science in Germany (GWP) and Society for analytic Philosophy in Germany (GAP))


  • GAP8 Satellite-Workshop, Konstanz, September 2012
Causation and Laws in the Special Sciences. Metaphysical Foundations
  • DFG, Köln, July 2012
    Jennifer McKitrick’s Metaphysics
(with Jennifer who was a guest fellow of our DFG project)
  • DFG, Köln, March 2012

    Dispositions, Causation, Modality


  • DFG, Köln, December 2011
Alexander Bird on Necessity

    (with Alexander who was a guest fellow of our DFG project)


  • AHRC, Nottingham, September 2009

    Metaphysics of Science
    (Grand finale conference, 3 days, parallel sessions, 80 papers; successfully applied for funding of ca. £4000 from the Analysis Trust, the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, and the Mind Association)


  • AHRC, Nottingham, February 2008

    Themes in the Metaphysics of David Armstrong

    (with David who was a guest fellow of our AHRC project)


  • AHRC, Nottingham, February 2007

    Natural Kinds, Laws, Dispositions, Causation