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GAP.8-Workshop: Philosophical Issues in Belief Revision, Conditional Logic and Possible Worlds Semantics (September 21 to 22, 2012)

Philosophical Issues in Belief Revision, Conditional Logic and Possible World Semantics

The aim of the workshop is to bring together philosophers (related to the GAP, but not limited to it), who work in the area of belief revision, conditional logic and possible worlds semantics. The workshop shall serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas from these related areas.

Date: September 21-22, 2012 

Room C 421, Building C, 4th floor, University of Konstanz. (A room plan for the workshops at the GAP.8 is also available at the main entrance of the University of Konstanz buildings.)

Organizer/s: Matthias Unterhuber

The workshop is funded/supported by the chair of theoretical philosophy at the university of Duesseldorf (Gerhard Schurz).


September 21, 2012
09.15-09.20 Welcome
09.20-10.15 Igor Douven (Groningen) Scope Ambiguities and Conditionals
10.25-11.20 Franz Huber (Toronto) What Should I Believe About What Would Have Been the Case?
11.30-12.25 Matthias Unterhuber (Duesseldorf) Belief Revision from a Conditional Logic Perspective
13.30-14.25 Hannes Leitgeb (Munich) A New Lottery Paradox for Counterfactuals 
14.35-15.30 Manfred Kupffer (Frankfurt) Properties of Fat Men - Quantified Modal Logic without Possible Individuals
15.50-16.45 Holger Andreas (LMU Munich) Paraconsistent Concept Formation in a Belief Revision Framework
16.55-17.50 Gerhard Schurz (Duesseldorf) Reward and Risk in Reasoning with Uncertain Conditionals
September 22, 2012
08.30-09.25 Heinrich Wansing (Bochum) Varieties of Implication
09.35-10.30 André Fuhrmann (Frankfurt) Possible Knowledge and Potential Knowledge: A New Look at Fitching Knowability
10.50-11.45 Sonja Smets (Univ. Amsterdam) Evidence-Based Belief Revision, a Logical Analysis
11.55-12.50 Hans Rott (Regensburg) Two Concepts of Plausibility in Default Reasoning
12.50-12.55 Farewell

Guests are welcome!

We ask persons interested in attending the workshop to register by email, by contacting Matthias Unterhuber at . We also recommmend to book rooms early for the workshop, since during the time of the workshop there will be a second large conference.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Matthias Unterhuber by email to .