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Wahrheitsnähe, Bestätigung & Vereinheitlichung / Truthlikeness, Confirmation & Unification

Numbers refer to complete list of papers in ascending date (below)

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21.        [G. Schurz, P. Weingartner:] "Verisimilitude Defined by Relevant Consequence-Elements. A New Recon­struc­­tion of Popper's Original Idea", in: Kuipers, T.A. (ed.), What Is Closer-To-The-Truth?, Rodopi, Amsterdam 1987, 47-78. Download

24.        "A New Definition of Verisimilitude and its Applications", in: Wein­gartner, P./Schurz, G. (Hg.), Logic, Philosophy of Science and Epi­stemology, Procee­dings of the 11th Inter­na­tional Wittgen­stein-Symposium, Hölder-Pichler-Temps­ky, Wien 1987, 177-184. Download

28.        [G. Schurz, G. Dorn:] "Why Popper's Basic Statements are not Falsifiable. Some Paradoxes in Popper's "Lo­gic of Scientific Discovery", Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissen­schafts­theorie 19/1, 1988, 124-143. Online Download

57.        "Relevant Deduction and Hypothetico-Deductivism: A Reply to Gemes", Erkenntnis 41, 1994, 183 - 188. Online Download

59.        [G. Schurz, Karel Lambert:] "Outline of a Theory of Scientific Understanding", Synthese 101, No 1, 1994, 65 - 120. Online Download

96.         "Explanation as Unification", Synthese Vol. 120, No. 1, 1999, 95 - 114. Online Download

154.      [G. Schurz, P. Weingartner:] "Zwart and Franssen's Impossibility Theorem Holds for Possible-World-Accounts but not for Consequence-Accounts to Verisimilitude", Synthese 172, 2010, 415-436. Online Download

170.       "Verisimilitude and Belief Revision. With a Focus on the Relevant Element Account", Erkenntnis  75,2011, 203–221. Online Download

173.      "Tweety, or Why Probabilism  and even Bayesianism Need Objective and Evidential Probabilities", in: D. Dieks et al., Probabilities, Laws and Structures, Springer, New York 2012, 57-74. Online

183.       [M. Unterhuber, G. Schurz:] "The New Tweety Puzzle: Arguments against Monistic Bayesian Approaches in Epistemology and Cognitive Science",  Synthese 190, 2013. Online Download

189.       "Bayesian Pseudo-Confirmation, Use-Novelty, and Genuine Confirmation", Studies in History and Philosophy of Science  45, 2014, 87-96. Online Download

213.       [Gustavo Cevolani, Gerhard Schurz:] "Probability, approximate truth, and truthlikeness: more ways out of the Preface Paradox", Australasian Journal of Philosophy 2016, 95/2, 209–225. Online Download

214.       [Michael Schippers, Gerhard Schurz:] "Genuine coherence as mutual confirmation bet­ween content elements", Studia Logica 105, 2017, 299–329. Online 

226.       "Truthlikeness and Approximate Truth", in: J. Saatsi (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Scientific Realism, Routledge, Oxford 2018, 133-148. Online Download

233.       [M. Schippers, G. Schurz:] "Genuine Confirmation and Tacking By Conjunction", British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 71(1), 2020, 321-352. Online Download

249.       "Probabilistic Truthlikeness, Content Elements, and Meta-Inductive Probability Optimization", Synthese 199, 2021, 6009–6037. Online

259.       "Tacking by Conjunction, Genuine Confirmation and Convergence to Certainty", in European Journal for the Philosophy of Science 12:46, 2022 (pp. 1-18), doi 10.1007/s13194-022-00470-0# Online