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Unsicheres Schließen & normische (ceteris paribus) Gesetze / Uncertain reasoning and normic (ceteris paribus) laws

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71.        "The Role of Negation in Nonmonotonic Logic and Defeasible Reasoning", in: H. Wan­sing (Hrsg.),  Negation. A Notion in Focus, W. de Gruyter, Berlin 1996, S. 197-231. Online Download

77.        "Probabilistic Default Logic Based on Irrelevance and Relevance Assump­tions", in: D. Gabbay et al. (eds.), Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning, LNAI 1244, Springer, Berlin 1997, S. 536 - 553. Online

82.         "Probabilistic Semantics for Delgrande's Conditional Logic and a Counter­exa­mple to his De­fault Logic", Artificial Intelligence 102/1,  1998, 81-95. Online Download

100.       "Normische Gesetzeshypothesen und die wissenschaftsphilosophische Bedeutung des nicht­mono­­to­nen Schließens", Journal for General Philosophy of Science 32, 2001, 65 - 107. Online Download

101.        "Pietroski and Rey on Ceteris Paribus Laws", The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 52, 2001, 359-370. Online Download

110.       "Ceteris Paribus Laws: Classification and Deconstruction", in: J. Earman, C. Glymour and S. Mitchel (eds.), Ceteris Paribus Laws, Erkenntnis 57, No. 3 (special volume), 2002, 351-372; auch in Buchform bei Kluwer, Dordrecht 2002, 75-96. Online Download

115.       "Normic Laws, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, and the Unity of Science", in: Rahman. S. et al. (eds.), Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, Dordrecht, Kluwer, 2004, 181-211. Online

123.       "Non-monotonic Reasoning from an Evolutionary Viewpoint: Ontic, Logical and Cognitive Foundations", Synthese 146/1-2, 2005, 37-51. Online Download

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180.       [G. Schurz, P. Thorn:] "Reward versus Risk in Uncertain Inference: Theorems and Simulations",  Review of Symbolic Logic 5/4, 2012, 574-612. Online Download

197.       "Ceteris Paribus and Ceteris Rectis Laws: Content and Causal Role", Erkenntnis 79/10, 2014, 1801-1817. Online Download

210.       [P. Thorn, G. Schurz:] "Qualitative Probabilistic Inference under Varied Entropy Levels", Journal of Applied Logic 19, 2016, 87-101. Online Download

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