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Logik (philosophische & deduktive) / Logic (philosophical & deductive)

Numbers refer to complete list of papers in ascending date (below)

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 7.         "Das deduktive Relevanzkriterium von Stephan Körner und seine wissen­schafts­theore­ti­schen Anwendungen", Grazer Philo­sophi­sche Studien 20, 1983, 149-177. Online Download

18.        [P. Weingartner, G. Schurz:] "Para­doxes Solved by Simple Relevance Criteria", Logique et Anal­yse 113, 1986, 3-40. Download

42.        "Relevant Deduction. From Solving Paradoxes Towards a General Theory", Erkenntnis 35, 1991, 391 - 437. Online Download

43.        "Relevant Deductive Inference: Criteria and Logics", in: Schurz, G./Dorn. G. (eds.), Advan­ces in Scientific Philosophy, Rodopi, Amster­dam, 1991, S. 57 - 84. Download

53.        "Admissible versus Valid Rules. A Case Study of the Modal Fallacy", The Monist 77, No 3, 1994, 376 - 388. Online Download

58.        "Logical Truth: Comments on Etchmendy's Critique of Tarski", in: Twar­dow­ski, B./Wolenski, J. (eds.), Sixty Years of Tarski's Definition of Truth. Pro­ceedings of the Kra­ków Conference April 1993,  Philed, Kraków 1994, S. 78 -95. Download

67.        "Most General First Order Theorems are Not Recursively Enumerable", Theoretical Computer Science 148, 1995, 149-163. Online Download

72.        [Kit Fine, G. Schurz:] "Transfer Theorems for Multimodal Logics", in: Copeland, J. (ed.), Logic and Reality. Essays on the Legacy of Arthur Prior, Cambridge Univ. Press 1996,  S. 169-213. Download

73.        [Helmut Prendinger, G. Schurz:]  "Reasoning about Action and Change: A Dynamic Logic Approach", Journal of Logic, Lan­guage and Information  5, 1996, 209-245. Online Download

87.        "Tarski and Carnap on Logical Truth - or: what is Genuine Logic?", in: J. Wo­lenski and E. Köhler (Hg.), Alfred Tarski and the Vienna Circle. (Institute Vienna Circle Yearbook 6/1998), Kluwer, Dordrecht 1999, S. 77-94. Online Download

90.        "Relevance in Deductive Reasoning: a Critical Overview", in: G. Schurz und M. Ursic (Hg.), Beyond Classical Logic, Conceptus-Studien, Academia Ver­lag, St. Augustin  1999, 9-56. Download

103.      "Carnap's Modal Logic", in: W. Stelzner und M. Stöckler (Hg.), Zwischen traditioneller und moderner Logik. Nichtklassische Ansätze, Mentis Verlag, Paderborn 2001, S. 365-380. Download

105.       "Alethic Modal Logic and Semantics", in: D. Jacquette (ed.), A Companion to Philosophical Logic (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy), Blackwell, Oxford 2001, S. 442-477. Online Download

125.       "Logic, Matter of Form, and Closure under Substitution", in: L. Behounek, M. Bilkova (Hg.), The Logica Yearbook 2004, Filosofia, Prag 2005, 33-46. Download

141.       [G. Schurz, H. Leitgeb:] "Finitistic and Frequentistic Approximations of Probability Measures with or without sigma-Additivity ", Studia Logica 89/2, 2008, 258-283. Online Download

168.       "Combinations and Completeness Transfer for Modal Quantificational Logics", Logic Journal of the IGPL 19/4, 2011, 598-616. Online Download

198.       [M. Unterhuber, G. Schurz:] "Completeness and Correspondence in Chellas-Segerberg Semantics, Studia Logica 102 (4), 2014, 891-911. Online Download

250.       "Meaning-Preserving Translations of Non-classical Logics into Classical Logic: Between Pluralism and Monism", Journal of Philosophical Logic 2021, Online

256.       "Why Classical Logic is Privileged: Justification of Logics Based On Translatability", Synthese 199, 2022, 13067–13094. (Part of the topical collection Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic, edited by Ben Martin, Maria Paola Sforza Fogliani, and Filippo Ferrari.)  Online


269.     "Relevance as Difference-Making: A General Theory of Relevance and its Applications", Philosophical Studies 2023. Online