Dr. Corina Strößner (Universität Bochum): Predicate change and predicate learning

Datum / Uhrzeit:
28.04.20   /  19:15 - 20:45

Institut für Theoretische Philosophie


The formal study of belief, credence, knowledge and its change in the face of new information is currently one of the most vivid research fields of philosophy. Conceptual change and conceptual learning is less well studied in philosophy but equally crucial for our understanding of cognition and of science. The aim of this talk is to discuss how predicate change and predicate learning can be reconstructed in terms of model changing operations that are common in dynamic epistemic logic (DEL). The talk explores differ-ent ways in which predicates are learned, changed or eliminated as well as motivations and results of the conceptual change. While these conceptual dynamics are far from revolutionary (in the sense of Kuhn), they influence the expressive possibilities and analytic laws. However, as far as they are rationally moti-vated, these changes rarely undermine our (factual) beliefs but rather reflect them. In the final part of the talk, I will apply these rather formal considerations to a rational reconstruction of the concept “mammal“.

Corina Strößner is a post-doctoral fellow at the Ruhr University Bochum. She received her PhD from the University of the Saar with a thesis on normality statements. Afterwards, she worked at the University of Konstanz, the University of Groningen and the Heinrich Heine University. Her research interests are in philosophy of cognition and language, logic, formal epistemology, and the generalized theory of evolution. 

Recent publications:  
Strößner, C. (2020) “Predicate change: a study on the conservativity of conceptual change“. Journal of Philosophical Logic,
Strößner, C. (2020): “Compositionality meets belief revision: a Bayesian model of modification“. Review of Philosophy and Psychology,
Strößner, C. & Schurz, G. (2020): “The role of reasoning and pragmatics in the modifier effect“. Cognitive Science (44, 2)
Strößner, C. (2020) “Existential import, Aristotelian logic, and its generalizations“. Logica Universalis (14) 
Strößner, C. (2019) “The normative force of logical and probabilistic reasoning in improving beliefs“. Theoria (30)

Important note: 
Due to the Corona-pandemic the research seminar will take place as a video-conference hosted with Attendance is free and open to all, but registration is required. If you plan to participate in the video-conference, please contact us till Monday evening, April 27, 2020, via email ( We will send you an invitation as well as instructions for the usage of ZOOM via email one hour before the talk starts.

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