05.10.2018 12:00

Buchveröffentlichung: Modern Views of Medieval Logic

Der von Prof. Dr. Christoph Kann gemeinsam mit Prof Dr. Benedikt Löwe, PD Dr. Christian Rode und Dr. Sara L. Uckelman herausgegebene Sammelband ist bei Peeters erschienen.

Zum Inhalt: While for a long time the study of medieval logic focused on editorial projects and reconstructions of central medieval doctrines such as the theories of signification, supposition, consequences, and obligations, nowadays the spectrum of analysis has broadened and is increasingly informed by modern logical research, whose perspective is then applied to medieval logic. Promoting this tendency, logicians and researchers concerned with semantics in the Gesellschaft für Philosophie des Mittelalters und der Renaissance (GPMR) founded a working group bringing together medieval logic and modern applied logic. The present volume is a seminal document of these interests and activities. It analyzes theories in medieval logic which are useful for solving questions of recent logic and explains crucial parts of medieval logic, philosophy, and theology by applying techniques of present-day logic.

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