20.01.20 DCLPS Fellow in 2020: Alexandre Costa-Leite

The next DCLPS fellow (January 20, 2020 till February 20, 2020) will be Alexandre Costa-Leite from the University of Brasilia (UnB). Professor Costa-Leite is an expert in modal logic and metaphysics.

Category: Theoretische Philosophie

22.12.19 Synthese-Festschrift for Gerhard Schurz

Synthese-Festschrift for Gerhard Schurz: "Logical Perspectives on Science and Cognition – The Philosophy of Gerhard Schurz",  special volume of Synthese, ed. by C. Feldbacher-Escamilla, A. Gebharter, P. Brössel und M. Werning, online (in print 2020).

Category: DCLPS, Theoretische Philosophie

26.09.19 International Conference: Free Will and Causality

The conference aims at bringing together experts on free will and causality in order to explore what the debates about these topics can learn from each other. In particular, the connection between metaphysical aspects of the free will problem and how they depend on or relate to causation in general as well as to more specific theories of causation shall be investigated. It is, for example, widely believed that free will requires control and that control is a causal notion. Whether one is a compatibilist or a libertarian, one must have a theory of control that the agent exerts over her actions. Another important requirement for free will, according to sourcehood libertarians, is ultimate origination of one’s actions: to have free will is to be able to initiate causal chains, i.e., to have a certain causal ability, sometimes referred to as a ‘causal power’. These causal notions might greatly profit from being treated in accordance with different accounts of causation. Different understandings of free will might, the other way round, support different theories of causation or might help in solving tasks such as identifying causal structure.

Category: Theoretische Philosophie

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