We provide a working place up to two months at the DCLPS. We expect visitors to give a talk in our research seminar. The stipend is negotiable.

Please send your application by email to undefineddclps(at)phil.hhu.de in which you provide the following information:

  • name
  • academic degree(s)
  • area of research
  • please attach your Curriculum Vitae (including publications)

Please make sure to choose the subject "Application" in your email.

Past fellows
  • Francois Pellet (April - May 2019)
  • Andreea Esanu (June 2018)
  • Akos Sivado (May - June 2017)
  • Christopher Hitchcock (April, 2015)
  • Jeff Pelletier (January - February, 2014)
  • Jonah Schupbach (January, 2014)
  • Clark Glymour (June 12-22, 2013)
  • Theo A. F. Kuipers (April 23-26, 2013)
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