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Dr. Corina Strößner (Universität Bochum): Criteria of naturalness in (probabilistic) conceptual spaces (Präsenz)

09.11.2021, 18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr


The theory of conceptual spaces is a frequently applied framework for representing concepts. One of its central aims is to find criteria of what makes a concept [...]

Prof. Gila Sher (San Diego): Invariance as a Basis for Necessity and Laws (Online)

02.11.2021, 18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr


Many philosophers are baffled by necessity. Humeans, in particular, are deeply disturbed by the idea of necessary laws of nature. In this paper I offer a systematic [...]

Christian Feldbacher (Uni. Köln): Ontology and Ideology Conceptually Revisited

26.10.2021, 18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr


In this talk it is argued that the Quinean distinction between the ontology and ideology of a theory has two main problems: The problem of arbitrariness and the [...]

Mitarbeiterbesprechung des Lehrstuhls für Theoretische Philosophie

19.10.2021, 18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr

Mitarbeiterbesprechung am 19.10.

Raum: 24.53 01.81

18:30 — 20:00 / 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm

Prof. Eva Schmitt (Univ. Dortmund): Reason-Giving XAI and Responsibility

06.07.2021, 18:30 Uhr - 20:15 Uhr


We argue that explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), specifically reason-giving XAI, constitutes the most suitable way of ensuring that someone can properly be [...]