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Normic laws and ceteris paribus laws

Normic laws and ceteris paribus laws

Project management

Gerhard Schurz

Externally funded by the Fund for Scientific Research (Austria), as an external member of the special research program F102 and the University of Salzburg.

Short description of the project

Investigation of the applictaions and the foundations of normal hypotheses and so called normic laws in the philosophy of science. Investigation of different kinds of ceteris paribus laws and their relation to normic laws. Meaning of ceteris paribus laws for several scientific disciplines.


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Co-operation partners

Prof. Volker Gadenne (Univ. Linz) 
Prof. Theo Kuipers (Univ. Groningen) 
Prof. Jan Faye (Univ. Kopenhagen) 
Prof. Ruth Millikan (Univ. of Connecticut)

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