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Nonmonotonic reasoning

Nonmonotonic reasoning

Project management

Gerhard Schurz 

Externally funded by the Fund for Scientific Research (Austria), as an external member of the special research program F102 and the University of Salzburg.

Short description of the project

Investigation of the logical principles of nonmonotnic reasoning and their meaning for the philosophy of science, and applications, including applications in cognitive science.


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Co-operation partners

Prof. Ernest Adams (Univ. of Berkeley), 
Dr. Donald Bamber (Navy San Diego), 
Prof. Georg Gottlieb (Univ. Wien), 
Dr. Helmut Prendinger (Univ. Tokyo), 
Prof. Gernot Kleiter (Univ. Salzburg), 
Dr. Hannes Leitgeb (Univ. Leitgeb), 
Prof. Gerhard Brewka (Univ. Leipzig), 
Prof. Siegfried Gottwald (Univ. Leipzig), 
Prof. Hans Rott (Regensburg)

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