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Members at the HHU:

Prof. Gerhard Schurz: Speaker (2020-2024), PI Projects Z A2.1, B10

Prof. Markus Schrenk: PI Project A2.2

Sekretary (20%):  Sonja Ameglio (until 11/2021), Katarzyna R.-Kaselow

Dr. Christian Feldbacher-Escamilla Project A2.1 (until 4/2021)

Dr. Maria Sekatskaya Project A2.1

Dr. Siegfried Jaag Project A2.2

Dr. Karim Baraghith Project B10 (until 12/2021)

Niklas Parwez Project B10 (since 4/2022, BA)

BSc Nina Nicolin Project A2.1 (since 5/2021)

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