Dr. Siegfried Jaag

Research fellow

Dr. Siegfried Jaag

Building: 23.32
Floor/Room: U1.61
Phone +49 211 81-10821

Office Hours

Thursdays by appointment

Areas of Specialization

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Metaphysics of Science

Areas of Competence

  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Language



  • Naturgesetze. Berlin: De Gruyter (Edition: Grundthemen Philosophie), erscheint voraussichtlich Ende 2020. (mit M. Schrenk)

Edited Volume

  • Humean laws for human agents. Oxford: Oxford University Press, akzeptiert. (mit M. Hicks and C. Loew)

Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals

Articles in Handbooks, Encyclopedias, and Edited Volumes

  • Ceteris Paribus Laws. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2019 Edition), 2019 (mit A. Reutlinger, G. Schurz, and A. Hüttemann)
  • Introduction to Humean laws for human agents. In: M. Hicks, S. Jaag und C. Loew (Hg.): Humean laws for human agents. Oxford: Oxford University Press, unter Vertrag.
  • Konnektionismus und neuronale Netze. In: V. Hoffmann-Kolss (Hg.): Handbuch Philosophie des Geistes, unter Vertrag, Stuttgart: Metzler.
  • Naturgesetze. In: M. Schrenk (Hg.): Handbuch der Metaphysik, 2017, Stuttgart: Metzler.


  • Explaining laws of nature: A metaphysical investigation into the natural principles governing the universe, Universität Luxemburg, 2015.

Selected Presentations

  • TBA
    2nd Humean Laws Workshop, Harvard, 2020
  • TBA
    FraMEPhys, Birmingham, 2020
  • Laws of nature from a Hum(e)an perspective
    Lehrstuhl für theoretische Philosophie der Neuzeit und Gegenwart, Köln, 2020
  • Humean Governing (mit C. Loew)
    1st Humean Laws Workshop, Harvard, 2019
    Kolloquium Theoretische Philosophie, Köln 2019
  • Nomic necessity from a Hum(e)an perspective
    Essence and Necessity Workshop, Tübingen, 2018
  • Humean reductionism and iterated counterfactuals (mit C. Loew)
    GAP 10, Köln, 2018
    Society for the Metaphysics of Science, Mailand, 2018
    BSPS, Oxford, 2018
    Properties and Laws in the Light of Inductive Metaphysics, Düsseldorf, 2018
  • Why care about Humean Supervenience?
    Philosophical Colloquium, Bonn, 2017
  • Laws don’t really explain their instances 
    Society for the Metaphysics of Science, New York, 2017


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