Prof. Jean-Yves Beziau (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro): Universal Logic

Datum / Uhrzeit:
30.10.18   /  18:30 - 20:00

Institut für Theoretische Philosophie

24.53.01 Raum 81



In this talk I will explain the idea of universal logic, as a general theory of logical systems.

I will make some comparisons with universal algebra, a theory of algebraic structures, which itself is not an algebra and with general linguistics, a theory of languages, which itself is not a language.

I will describe the methodology that is used to develop universal logic and discuss some central problems of universal logic, in particular the question of translations between logical systems.



Jean-Yves Beziau is a Swiss Logician, Philosopher and Mathematician, PhD in Mathematics and PhD in Philosophy. He has been working in different countries: France, Brazil, Poland, California (UCLA, UCSD and Stanford) and Switzerland.

He is the originator of Universal Logic as a general theory of logical structures. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Logica Universalis and book series Studies in Universal Logic, both published by Birkhäuser/Springer, Basel. He is the organizer of the series of events UNILOG (World Congress and School on Universal Logic): Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio de Janeiro, 2013, Istanbul 2015, Vichy, 2018. 

He has made also some important contributions in paraconsistent logic, in particular he has shown that the modal logic S5 is a paraconsistent logic and that the nameless corner of the square of opposition is a paraconsistent negation. He has renewed the study of the square of opposition organizing interdisciplinary world events on this topic (Montreux 2007, Corsica, 2010, Beirut 2012, Vatican 2014, Easter Island 2016, Crete, 2018) and organizing the publication of special issues of journals and books on the subject.


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