XXIInd European Symposium for Medieval Logic and Semantics

Datum / Uhrzeit:
25.06.18 - 29.06.18   /  16:00 - 13:00

Prof. Dr. Christoph Kann, PD Dr. Christian Rode


Vom 25. bis zum 29. Juni 2018 findet im Haus der Universität das XXIIte European Symposium for Medieval Logic and Semantics statt:

Language, Thought, and Reality: The Continental and British Traditions of Medieval Logic Revisited

For a long time, there was a discussion about a Paris/Oxford split as regards medieval logic. More recently, the perspective has widened and has become more fine-grained, for example in view of the developments in central Europe, Italy, and Spain. Now we should rather speak of a Continental and a British tradition. Are there authors or texts that belong to both traditions and that relativize this antagonism, either due to their biographies or concerning the doctrines of the authors? Which new thinkers have come to the fore who shed a fresh light on the Continental and British traditions? Can the widespread view be upheld that the early 14th century in Paris was mainly characterized by a modist tradition, whereas the terminist logic had England as its center? Is the reduction of ontological commitments that can be found for example in Ockham’s work really rooted in the British tradition, or is it typical of some parts of the continental tradition too? Which logical and semantical doctrines from the different traditions on the Continent and in Britain have particular implications for the theory of cognition and for ontology? Which aspects of the interplay between language, thought and reality challenge modern interpretations in sofar as they provoke a reassessment of the Continental-British dichotomy? And, more precisely, how are the topics of suppositio, appellatio, ampliatio and restrictio addressed?

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