Eliot Michaelson (King's College London): Meaning Restrictions

Datum / Uhrzeit:
06.06.18   /  12:30 - 14:00

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Im Rahmen unseres Philosophischen Kolloquiums laden wir herzlich ein zu einem Vortrag von 

Eliot Michaelson (King's College, London): Meaning Restrictions

Zum Vortrag:

Rarely do we utter 'every F' to talk about absolutely every F, or 'some G' to talk about any G whatsoever.  Yet it hardly seems plausible that we typically have in mind the sorts of ultra-specific restrictions that linguists and philosophers have posited are to be found in the logical form of quantifier phrases.  The present essay will explore whether there is some viable way of explaining how we can mean restricted quantifiers when we utter sentences containing quantifier phrases like these. 

I will argue that the most viable option is to accept that quantified thoughts are very often vague, and that it is such vague thoughts that we typically express by means of sentences containing quantifier phrases.

Zur Person:

Eliot Michaelson is a Lecturer at King's College London.  He received his PhD from UCLA in 2013 and spent the following year as a Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar at McGill University before joining King's. Most of his work centers on meaning and reference, but he has also published in recent years on lying, testimony, know how, and eating animals.


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