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Paul D. Thorn PhD

Gebäude: 24.52
Etage/Raum: 01.28
Tel.: +49 211 81-11604
  • Areas of Specialization
    • Epistemology
    • Philosophy of Probability
    • Logic
  • Areas of Competence
    • Early Modern Philosophy
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Decision Theory
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Philosophy of Cognitive Science
Appointments & Education
  • Appointments
    • 2011-present Post-doctoral scholar, Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf, within the project The Role of Meta-Induction in Human Reasoning.
    • 2009-2011 Post-doctoral scholar, Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf, within the project Probability Logic and Non-Monotonic Reasoning from an Evolutionary Perspective.
    • 2008-2009 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, New College of Florida.
    • 2002-2003 Pre-doctoral scholar, University of Konstanz, within the research group Philosophy, Probability, and Modeling.
  • Education
    • 2007 Ph.D, Philosophy & Cognitive Science, University of Arizona (Supervisor: John L. Pollock).
    • 1998 M.A., Philosophy, Simon Fraser University (Supervisor: Raymond Jennings).
    • 1996 B.A., Philosophy & History, Simon Fraser University.
Publications (selection)
  • forthcoming
    • On the Preference for More Specific Reference Classes. Synthese.
    • Against Deductive Closure. Theoria.
    • A Note Concerning Infinite Regresses of Deferred Justification. Philosophia.
    • Qualitative Probabilistic Inference Under Varied Entropy Levels. (w/ G. Schurz) Journal of Applied Logic.
  • 2016 The Revenge of Ecological Rationality: Strategy-Selection by Meta-Induction Within Changing
  • Environments. (w/ G. Schurz) Minds & Machines 26/1-2 (2016), 31–59.
  • 2015 The Inheritance of Defaults in the Case of Exceptional Subclasses. The Reasoner 9/1 (2015) 93.
  • 2014 Defeasible Conditionalization. Journal of Philosophical Logic 43 (2014), 283–302.
  • A Utility Based Evaluation of Logico-Probabilistic Systems. (w/ G. Schurz) Studia Logica
  • 102/4 (2014), 867–890.
Talks (selection)
  • 2016
    • “Attractivity Weighting: Take-the-Best’s Foolproof Sibling.” Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Philadelphia.
    • “The Stimulus Perception Connection.” Conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science, Duesseldorf.
  • 2015
    • “On the Preference for More Specific Reference Classes.” Meeting of the European Philosophy of Science Association, Helsinki (EPSA 2015), Duesseldorf.
    • “Qualitative Probabilistic Inference.” PROGIC 2015, University of Kent, Canterbury.
    • “Meta-induction in Natural Environments.” Annual Meeting for New Frameworks of Rationality Research Program, Etelson.
  • 2014
    • “Another Problem with Deductive Closure.” Workshop on Full and Partial Belief, in parallel with Descartes Lectures, given by H. Leitgeb, Tilburg.
    • “Logico-probabilistic reasoning in uncertain environments.” Meeting of European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Noto.
    • “Meta-Induction and the Wise Crowd.” Workshop: Social Epistemology and Joint Action in Science, Salzburg.
    • “Minimality Criteria in Spatial Belief Revision.” Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Quebec City.
    • “Construction and Revision of Spatial Mental Models Under High Task Demand.” Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Quebec City.

  • Social Choice Theory
  • Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • Probability and Induction
  • Philosophy of Social Science
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